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PV Attendance

Procedures for Reporting an Absence

To confirm legitimate absences and insure accuracy in record keeping, parents/guardians are to call the school before 7:30 A.M (973-616-6050) or email THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE ( when a student is going to be absent to notify the school of the reason for the absence.

In addition, when the student returns to school, parents/guardians are to attach any applicable documentation (i.e. doctor’s note). This is to be turned in to the Main Office. If a call is not received from parents/guardians, the school will call the home or place of business.

Students must be in attendance during the school day to be eligible to participate in after-school or evening activities.

A student who arrives at school after 10:43 A.M. or leaves before 11:50 A.M. will be marked absent for the day and will not be eligible to participate in any after school activities for the day. This applies also to single session days (arriving after 10:10 A.M. or leaving before 10:10 A.M.) Students who are absent from school for religious observances, as per the state approved list of religious holidays will not be penalized for those absences; however the parent must call and inform the school of the absence and the reason.

We encourage consistent attendance.  If an illness or injury, whether short-term or long-term, will impact learning, please let the school nurse know. Absences due to parent planned vacations while school is in session are discouraged. This situation creates interruptions in a student’s learning and to the educational process. Written notification is required and must be submitted to the office for the principal’s approval five (5) school days prior to the absence. Each day missed for vacation counts as a cumulative absence.

Should parents find it necessary to be away from home, the name of a temporary guardian should be registered with the Nurse’s Office and the Main Office.

Upon return from all absences, students will be responsible for all tests and any other work required by the teacher. Students will have an amount of time equal to the time absent to take tests and hand in any other assignments required by the teacher. Students will not be allowed to make up work missed because of truancies.

Further information regarding Attendance Policy can be found in the PV Student Handbook found HERE.

The complete Pequannock Township Board of Education policy #5200 regarding school attendance can be located on the district’s website (CLICK HERE).